Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back to Humankind

So as a follow up to Tuesday #1 on which I sprained my ankle, Tuesday #2 featured an asthma attack at work, complete with near-vomiting, loss of bladder control, a stunningly low peak flow measurement, and a nebulizer treatment. It is very helpful to work in a medical clinic, especially where you are already a patient. I just trucked myself to the medical floor, and when unsuccessful in locating my doctor (she was with another patient), wandered into the office of one of my favorite nurses and demonstrated my lack of breathing ability, and LICKETY SPLIT, I was nebbed and awaiting a visit from the fabulous Dr. Cathy. This was the most painful asthma event I've ever had---crushing chest pain that can only be described as feeling like I was a walnut, being cracked open for your snacking pleasure. I suppose I should have been clued in earlier in the day when just talking sent me into coughing fits multiple times.
I have been home recovering for the past two days, and am finally feeling "normal" (whatever that means) again. And hoping my next Tuesday is a little less eventful!
Sam is still struggling with behavioral issues in school. Some days are fine, and others are awful. We have to have a school meeting soon. Ugh. His main teacher is very loving and concerned, but the other teacher seems really irritated. I thought I was imagining this but Hubby voiced it today and we shared our observations. I tend to cut people a LOT of slack and give the benefit of the doubt many times, and he is very much the opposite--one slight comment that he doesn't like and you may be tagged "a bad seed" (his words). Maybe it's not about Sam but her own issues, but I think Sam is picking up on it. It's quite heartbreaking to hear "my teachers don't like me" from a 4 year old. He still misses his old school and his former teacher. Part of this, I am sure, is that he was King of the Castle under his former teacher and really was allowed some special treatment. It's always difficult to give that up! But I think he feels he will be disloyal to Miss C if he likes his new teachers too much. It's also hard not being in the classroom to actually observe everything. The old school was a cooperative and parents could be there every day, all day if so desired.
Sam started an OT eval to rule out sensory integration disorder, and the OT (who he instantly adored) feels that while there may be some mild sensory issues, the central problem may be that he is very bright, and thus developmentally off track from the other kids---extremely advanced in some areas (like his superhuman powers of concentration) and behind in others. He's also got the classic emotional issues of gifted kids--perfectionism, extremely sensitive, empathic, anxious, dramatic. Oh, who knew that preschool could be so complicated????

Friday, November 24, 2006

Move along, Chester

So for my holiday celebration, on Tuesday night around midnight, while furiously cleaning, I sprained my damn ankle! It actually is a pretty mild sprain. It hurt a lot at work on Wednesday but it's not bad now. I just get tired after a while. I also have another cold. Festive!

Sam has lately been Mr. Music, which primarily means his bossiness now extends to the music playing in the car. He seems to like strong beats, with a general preference for classic rock and some hip-hop, but his taste seems quite varied and sorta random. He declared the Beastie Boys to be "girl music" (??). He liked a loooong Santana jam and forced me to listen to the whole thing. But his favorite, favorite song is "Move Along" by All-American Rejects. Now the lyrics of the chorus start move along, move along just to make it through...but Sam sings move along, move along, chester make it through.

Who is this Chester? How nice he has a personal pep song playing frequently on the pop stations for him.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


You can only type one word. No explanations.

Yourself: Tired
Your partner: Grouchy
Your hair: Unkempt
Your Mother: Annoying
Your Father: Narcissistic
Your Favorite Item: pictures
Your dream last night: gone
Your Favorite Drink: milkshake
Your Dream Car: Corvair
Your Dream Home: Pargo-esque
The Room You Are In: Office
Your Ex: Coward
Your fear: Harm
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? happy
Who you hung out with last night: Sammy
What You're Not: conservative
Your favorite muffins: chocolate
One of Your Wish List Items: ipod
The Last Thing You Did: Newspaper
What You Are Wearing: sweats
Your favorite weather: warm
Your Favorite Book: Bastard
Last thing you ate: burrito
Your Life: blessed
Your mood: pensive
Your Best Friends: reliable
What are you thinking about right now: Sam
Your car: empty
What are you doing at the moment: chillin
Your summer: short
Relationship status: Married
What is on your tv: Trek
What is the weather like: cold
When is the last time you laughed: today

**Thanks to Teacher Lady**

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm back!

I didn't really go anywhere, just being lazy I guess.

Sam has been coming up with some random stuff lately. This weekend we had a long talk about jail. This is interesting because when I was small, I was rather obsessed with jail. I used to BEG my parents to drive by the old Ellicott City jail. So we talked about bail bonds (a flyer on our porch for one sparked the conversation) and jail outreach (I explained that Miss Kerry and Miss Angie go into the jails to help people get doctors when they get out). Sam suggested that perhaps the REAL reason for prison outreach is "maybe [the prisoners] want to show somebody where they live!" Like a decorating show where you redesign your cell??

Today Sam insisted that we teach him Japanese. Unfortunately we do not speak Japanese. He went to bed with the promise that perhaps our friend Misao could teach him some Japanese. My personal feeling is that this interest in some way relates to his budding love of anime (to which he was exposed on our trip to Cleveland last spring, courtesy of Cartoon Network in the hotel room).

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Sam's friend Zoe. It was a ballerina party. I tried to sell Sam on the idea of participating in the ballet class but was unsuccessful, so we came late with the rest of the boys. There was a moon bounce in the back yard, and Sam excitedly ran outside for it...but when he saw it he said "Oh no, it's full of girls." Apparently girls are not good, unless they are Zoe or Sophie or Lucy or Claire or Alden or Kathryn (the one girl in his class he acknowledges).

Sunday we had a long visit with Cole and Jasper and Alden. I thought Sam would never be able to be separated from Jasper. I think he is in love. I have now heard MANY TIMES that he wants to "see Jasper every day."

I can't stand it anymore, I have to check out the election results.

please please please please please
let the tides turn

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