Thursday, December 28, 2006

Notes & a challenge to you!

First up: general notes

Had another fun day with my boy...we went to visit Katie and Quinn, then all had lunch at the Double T with old friends Trish & Sheryl. Sam really took to Trish and uncharacteristically chatted her up, even choosing to stay with her while I went to pay the bill & Sheryl was in the restroom & Katie was changing Quinn's diaper. Quinn is a sweet sweet little one. Sam had a good time being the "big kid."

Then Sam & I went to Toys R Us for a new Leapster game, using Sam's xmas money from my grandmother...and they were on sale, buy one get one free! I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Sam. So now we have added Backyardigans and NASCAR (which is 2nd grade math!!) to our game collection.

The up side of all this rampant gaming is the boy is watching a lot less TV.

I still haven't made it to the gym...I really really want to get over the hump of returning to exercise this week...I always have a really hard time the first few days and then get in the swing. Hubby is extremely verbally supportive of this but what would help a whole lot more is him actually getting out of bed before noon....

And now... A Challenge to You, Dear Reader
Instead of New Year's Resolutions, create a "Top 10 Goals" list for the coming year--not quite so rigid and lets you widen your scope a bit....try it & share!!

Gina's Top Ten Goals for the 2007

1. Get back on a budget & pay off the credit cards
2. Exercise regularly & lose some weight
3. Recover my skating skills & try out for the roller derby
4. Do Operation Freefall
5. Spend more time with my grandmother
6. Resume work toward my conversion to Judaism
7. Once #1 is accomplished, save some money to take trips to visit my far flung friends, (perhaps
Eve & Richard in SF, Jen in Miami, Jenn's September wedding in Montana)
8. Learn some Spanish
9. Finish painting the damn house
10. Do more volunteer work

What would you like to accomplish this year??

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday ramblings

Happy holidays to all!

Well after Christmas yesterday, what do I have to say....

I got an ipod! I had hoped for a 2mb or maybe 4mb nano...and my dear shopping-crazy, over-the-top mother got me a 30mb with video! egads!

Sam is really, REALLY loving his Leapster L-max. He is officially a gamer. I just ordered a recharger so we can refrain from buying our weight in batteries.

Sam and I have been playing "House Party" on the Cartoon Network website. It's actually really have to explore the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, do favors, go on adventures, etc. First time I've ever played a game like this.

My house is a freakin mess. It was a mess before xmas, and now add many many boxes and a 500 pc Magnetix set and what not....ugh.

I'm on vacation! Spending a lot of time in my pajamas thus far. The only plans I have as of yet are a party tonight at Julie's and a playdate in the morning with Katie and Quinn. New Year's Eve plans are up in the air, as Julie has not decided whether she's going to New York...we usually hang out with Julie & co if they stay in Baltimore. If not, we have absolutely no plans, and this is the first year that Sam is expecting something! He really wants to stay up late and make noise at midnight.

Christmas Eve was pretty mellow. Sam and I just chilled most of the day while Hubby slept later than anyone else on the planet. Well actually I did a good amount of cleaning too. Then Sam and I went to Starbucks (Sam's favorite!) and then the Tot Lot, where he was coerced into playing with a girl!! named Katya, who was a rather delightful and mature 5 year old. Then we grocery shopped and came home and had a spaghetti & garlic toast dinner. Sam was in bed on the early side and then the wrapping commenced! I couldn't sleep that night--a combination of a late afternoon frappichino and a serious bout of restless leg/ I was up reading and snuggling with Cat Ike at 3 a.m.

The day prior ,Sam and I unexpectedly spent at the mall, to his delight. We had gone to the post office to mail some holiday packages and (finally) our cards, and I really needed to pick up some stuff at the mall, completely unrelated to xmas....ran out of makeup, the product I use on ym hair, etc....the mall was crazy, as to be expected. Sam & I got Hubby's stocking stuffers (lots o'candy) and had ice cream cones and played in Tiny Town and watched kids sit on Santa's lap. That boy sure loves the mall.

If you haven't seen a video called "Dick in a Box," I highly advise you to visit and do so! It's a riot.

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