Saturday, November 08, 2008

Assorted Sam-politicalisms

Listening to NPR in the car pre-election, we hear a story a story about Proposition 8in California. I ask Sam what he thinks about this, and clarify that it is a law about whether a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a woman. He pauses for a moment and then seriously says "that should be a law for the whole world."


A few weeks ago, Sam asked for whom I would be voting. WHen I said Barack Obama, Sam said, "Well, good, then you'll be voting for me."


On the way to school, Sam asks how much we owe on our mortgage and how long it will take to pay it. Then he muses that when that happens, we sure will have a lot of extra money each month, and gosh, couldn't we give him some of that money? I informed him that he will be 26 then, and while he did say he would have a job (as a cake decorator), apparently he will stll be living with us.


Election night, E and I are watching the returns after midnight and Sam stumbles out of bed, calling me to come upstairs. I ask him to come downstairs and tell him Obama won. The three of us snuggle on the sofa and watch Obama make a victory speech. I hope it's something Sam always remembers.


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