Sunday, June 25, 2006


Sam adopted a leaf today. As we walked to the farmer's market to pick up our CSA share, he found a leaf which found its way into my pocket. He then chattered about how he had adopted the leaf. We also have a stick collection. It was in the house but I successfully moved it to the front porch, under the guise that the sticks missed their outside friends.

Warren and I went to visit S. She was a bit loopy, how much from the crypto and how much from pain meds I'm not sure. She flashed Wa, intentionally, which shows on some level she is certainly her usual self. Wa gave her a brief mini-mental...she didn't know the day or the president (she's fortunate on that one) but could identify Wa as the most wonderful, talented person she's ever known. I also love that she told me her head hurt "a little," but when the nurse asked her to rate her pain on a scale from 1-10, she answered "10 and a half" without blinking. Still knows how to work it for the oxy.

We did make it to the pool even though it was cloudy. We had a good hour of swimming in between pool closures due to thunder. Another mom asked Sam if he had a good time swimming, and he said "Yes, and now I'm going to lie down on this nice chair," after which he stretched out on a chaise and covered up with a towel.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hello world

This is my first **ever** post.
Isn't that exciting?

I am beat after a long week at work. My husband has been feeling unwell which means WORK NEVER STOPS!! for me. When I leave my 4 year old Sam in the morning, he is clinging to me at the door & I am struggling to just get out and get to work sorta on time. (His current routine: kiss and a hug, watch you out the window and say something to you---his somethings are: "Which way you're going? Where is the car? How many turns do you make? What's you're gonna do at work? How tall is the building?"--he keeps thinking of questions to add to this routine...eventually I'll spend the entire morning on the porch...) Then I spend 9-10 hours at my "relaxing" job providing case management services to adults with HIV and supervision to six case managers. When I get home at around 630-7, instead of an "aah, home" feeling, I have:

a boy watching SpongeBob and COMMERCIALS (and by the way he can talk like commercials now--"Taste the rainbow, share the rainbow, Mommy!!"--heh heh cute how he's been brainwashed)
boy has had no dinner
i have had no dinner
no dinner cooking
no dinner planned
no thoughts of dinner
hubby on computer %^!& darn bodybuilding website &*&*!
cats yelling for some reason (they had dinner)
toys everywhere
clothes everywhere
cat fur everywhere
bills to pay
litter box needs scooping

Can you tell I'm a little stressed???

My goal this weekend is to hang out at the pool. I love our pool. It's 10 minutes away and really nice and not snooty. Hubby won't go b/c he hates the sun (and to be fair it does worsen his autoimmune disorder). Fortunately Sam loves the pool as much as me. I promised Sam we could buy some new pool toys too, since 2 of his 4 from last summer died in the long hard winter.

I also will go to see my friend S in the hospital. She has 16 t-cells and cryptococcal meninghitis. I am really worried about losing her. I don't see her a lot anymore but, having worked together for many years in a close-knit environment, she's like family. And she is wicked stubborn and a BAD BAD PATIENT. Ironically she is an excellent outreach worker. **sigh**

Hubby and Sam are sleeping. I'ma go watch the teevee.

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