Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Closing Time

It is my end of summer, because today Swan Lake closed for the season. It was fairly cool today, so we didn't go swimming. I just ran in to get my chairs. As we drove away, I thought about this summer and what Swan Lake has brought to me this year: getting to know people better, and making new friends.

Finally met Tom of *Liz and Tom*, and not only is Liz lovely and gorgeous, her husband is a riot and another stay at home dad (though he doesn't take it quite as literally as my husband does). Sam played lots with Mav & Shane. I am still stunned by Mav's major league quality throw.

Finally met Segrid live and in person after chatting on FB and having countless friends in common. Annoyingly inserted myself into her recent conversation with Cole, sorry about that Segrid, but I had a very personal interest in the subject matter and couldn't seem to make myself walk away.

Lots of quality time with Heidi, Malik and Leila. Sam and Malik get along well and it's nice to have another family who is on our late schedule.

Time with Liz and her family. Sam loves Hooper. Liz is an amazing person I have known for years (since I was 14?) but over the summer I feel like I've gotten to know her much better and hope we can continue to spend time together.

Ditto for Kristin, who I knew only slightly but now know a smidge better. Another quite amazing person who radiates strength and wisdom. I love the way she talks to kids and I love her hair in ever-changing hues of pink.

Fun playing with Sam for countless hours: catch, swim races, Chase the Ball and Protect the Light and whatever else Sam can make up. Teaching Sam to tread water and swim freestyle. Digging in the sand pit and meeting Watermelon Girl (a little girl known only by her watermelon-themed bathing suit...when I remarked that it looked like a watermelon, she looked at me with pity and explained it was not a watermelon, it was a bathing suit.)

Playing with friends' kids: catch with Mav, swimming with Alden and Malik and Hooper on my back (who are all delightfully light compared to Sam, who weighs about a million pounds), chatting with Shane (about what I'm still not sure), watching the adorable toddler antics of Charlie and Simon and Sabrina. And time with Baby Leila! Feeding my baby fever...

Can't believe another season is over.

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