Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pics of the Season

Mid-4s Class of 2007

The Purple Wildcats!!

Katherine, Clare, Grace, Aidan & Sam

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Why oh why are so many people moving?? It's stressing me out!
To wit:

1. Jackie and family recently moved from literally around the corner to a bigger place about 5 minutes away.

2. Karen about to do the same (same neighborhood to and from!)

3. Julie's clan is moving in mid-June from about 5 minutes away to about 15 away.

4. Hannah is moving over the summer from Brooklyn to Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

5. My grandmother is preparing to move to a retirement community about an hour away.

6. My dear employee Katie is moving to Michigan in August.

7. Heidi is moving closer--this is a good one! She will be about 10 minutes away now! Heidi, you must join the pool!!

8. Sam's best friend at school in moving to New Jersey in June.

And I've actually been giving some fleeting thoughts to moving too. I think it's a very unlikely prospect, but I would really love to have more of a yard for Sam, and more kids for him to play with. And if we went into the county, the school dilemma for first grade would be solved. But I love love love the city and my neighborhood, and being 2 miles from work, so I don't know if the trade-off would be worth it. The neighborhoods I would really love are a bit out of our price range, though there's another that would be affordable and nice.

Oh, too much thinking!!

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