Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5 questions

Participating in the blogger interview-go-round. Join if you dare! Thanks to Mr. Fab for starting the chain.

Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

My questions from Cole:

1. Who was the last person you had great sex with?
Well, it would be a mighty sad day if I had to say anyone besides Hubby, seeing as how we've been together since 1994, and I have been totally faithful to him (an accomplishment for me). And yes, I can honestly say it was Hubby! Now when....hmmm....sometime in the past few months....beyond that the memory is murky.

2. If you had more children how many would you want and boys or girls and why?
If money weren't an issue and I was home with said children, and age weren't an issue in reproduction, and Hubby were on board (lot of you see why I only have one?), I would say definitely one more and perhaps two. Gender, I don't care, though I would like a girl just to name her after my grandmother and my great aunt.

3. If you had an extra $10,000 dollars, what would you do--practical or fun?
Definitely off some bills. Yawn. I would do fun stuff if I got a LOT more money. then I would take some trips that did not involve EZ Pass!

4. If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?
Meaning my own little family? Have Hubby not be sick. Meaning the wider circle? Take away my grandmother's dementia.

5. You are stranded on a dessert island and you wash ashore with what item that you feel you can not live without?
First I am assuming you mean desert, and your typing of "dessert" indicates you need some chocolate.
If I am following the letter of this question, I've got to say a very large supply of clean water, or maybe a working cell phone. Ever practical.
If I am following the spirit of the question, I would say an enormous library of fabulous books and independent magazines/zines.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

News: the bad, the good

School news
So the bad news:
Sam didn't get a spot at the charter school. He is #18 on the wait list!
Which means he'll stay at his current school for kindergarten, to the tune of over $5000. Ouch.

The good news:
His current school is really fantastic (except for the uber-whiteness of it). He's THRILLED to be staying there, especially since two of his three closest friends at school are also staying (the other is moving out of state).

I'm quite happy for the charter school that they had so many applicants! I just hope we can get a first grade spot next year.

We were leaning toward keeping him at current school anyway, so it's nice to have the decision made for me in a way. The main reason being that public kindergartens in general have LOOOONG days: this particular school has four 7-hour days and one 5-hour day. Much too long for Sam. Instead, he will have three 5.5 hour days and two 3-hour days. Much more reasonable.

Work news
Bad news: One of my staff left. Another one leaving in 2 weeks. Another maybe moving to Michigan over the summer. Another interviewing for a position I hope to G-d she doesn't take.

Good news: Unlike the usual year-long search for one semi-decent applicant, I have actually interviewed THREE people who I think would be excellent. (Now if the friggin HR department would ever finish their references so we could actually OFFER the positions, that might help.) Actually that would be four, but I am not counting the most recent woman because she will never accept a position with us, considering her current job pays her a ridiculous amount of money for her education level. Like more than I make as a manager with a graduate degree, an advanced clinical license and over 10 years of experience. But to be fair, her job sounds like a small hell so I am sure that is the only way her employer can keep any staff. Her job sounds wicked frustrating and more than a bit dangerous.

Other news
My grandmother's dementia is rapidly worsening. I am now managing her medical care, medications, and much of her financial issues.

We are financially fucked. Debt beyond debt, kindergarten tuition upcoming, etc etc. It could of course be much worse, but the stress of it is REALLY getting to me.

The combination of caring for my grandmother and Sam, work, money, chronically ill Hubby, etc. is making me feel as if I am inside a pressure cooker. Having many IBS attacks.

Sam rocks. Love him.

I went to the gym last Sunday! Did 40 minutes on the treadmill and it wasn't bad at all. I really wanted to swim after but the pool was closed for some maintenence issue. My biggest issue was that my workout shoes are too tight--haven't worn them since I was pregnant, and my feet are about a half size bigger now.

Raised enough $ for my jump!

Sam now playing lacrosse. This is a very amusing spectacle. Protecting the goal? For 5 year olds, this means literally filling the goal with teammates.

Sam is also taking real gymnastics classes. They are expensive, but he loves them. He's also doing PT now along with the OT.

Still working on a post about my own educational experiences, inspired by Jackie's postings MONTHS ago. Someday, people, you might actually get to read it!

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