Friday, June 23, 2006

Hello world

This is my first **ever** post.
Isn't that exciting?

I am beat after a long week at work. My husband has been feeling unwell which means WORK NEVER STOPS!! for me. When I leave my 4 year old Sam in the morning, he is clinging to me at the door & I am struggling to just get out and get to work sorta on time. (His current routine: kiss and a hug, watch you out the window and say something to you---his somethings are: "Which way you're going? Where is the car? How many turns do you make? What's you're gonna do at work? How tall is the building?"--he keeps thinking of questions to add to this routine...eventually I'll spend the entire morning on the porch...) Then I spend 9-10 hours at my "relaxing" job providing case management services to adults with HIV and supervision to six case managers. When I get home at around 630-7, instead of an "aah, home" feeling, I have:

a boy watching SpongeBob and COMMERCIALS (and by the way he can talk like commercials now--"Taste the rainbow, share the rainbow, Mommy!!"--heh heh cute how he's been brainwashed)
boy has had no dinner
i have had no dinner
no dinner cooking
no dinner planned
no thoughts of dinner
hubby on computer %^!& darn bodybuilding website &*&*!
cats yelling for some reason (they had dinner)
toys everywhere
clothes everywhere
cat fur everywhere
bills to pay
litter box needs scooping

Can you tell I'm a little stressed???

My goal this weekend is to hang out at the pool. I love our pool. It's 10 minutes away and really nice and not snooty. Hubby won't go b/c he hates the sun (and to be fair it does worsen his autoimmune disorder). Fortunately Sam loves the pool as much as me. I promised Sam we could buy some new pool toys too, since 2 of his 4 from last summer died in the long hard winter.

I also will go to see my friend S in the hospital. She has 16 t-cells and cryptococcal meninghitis. I am really worried about losing her. I don't see her a lot anymore but, having worked together for many years in a close-knit environment, she's like family. And she is wicked stubborn and a BAD BAD PATIENT. Ironically she is an excellent outreach worker. **sigh**

Hubby and Sam are sleeping. I'ma go watch the teevee.


At 11:13 PM, Blogger jackie said...

Hey-- we're at the beach next week, but hope to see you all soon. Want to get together on Sunday afternoon?

Welcome to the blogging world!

At 9:43 AM, Blogger cole edwards said...

Sheesh Gina. Sickness, bills and questions galore, oh my! You are such a patient mama. I totally would answer like maybe 2 and then run down the stairs pretending not to hear and shouting something like, "Sorry buddy...see ya later!"
AND , your house sounds like my house. Many a day from school I come home to , well, almost just that. Usually dinner has been dealt with cause our kids would revolt and eat him.
I am so bummed it is cloudy this weekend, I was looking forward to the pool. I love our pool too. Best $$ we ever spent, seriously. This is our first summer here in like 5 years and I FORGOT how darn hot it is. Like , could melt your hypothalmus or something.

YEA, gina! Blog away sista.



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