Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back to Humankind

So as a follow up to Tuesday #1 on which I sprained my ankle, Tuesday #2 featured an asthma attack at work, complete with near-vomiting, loss of bladder control, a stunningly low peak flow measurement, and a nebulizer treatment. It is very helpful to work in a medical clinic, especially where you are already a patient. I just trucked myself to the medical floor, and when unsuccessful in locating my doctor (she was with another patient), wandered into the office of one of my favorite nurses and demonstrated my lack of breathing ability, and LICKETY SPLIT, I was nebbed and awaiting a visit from the fabulous Dr. Cathy. This was the most painful asthma event I've ever had---crushing chest pain that can only be described as feeling like I was a walnut, being cracked open for your snacking pleasure. I suppose I should have been clued in earlier in the day when just talking sent me into coughing fits multiple times.
I have been home recovering for the past two days, and am finally feeling "normal" (whatever that means) again. And hoping my next Tuesday is a little less eventful!
Sam is still struggling with behavioral issues in school. Some days are fine, and others are awful. We have to have a school meeting soon. Ugh. His main teacher is very loving and concerned, but the other teacher seems really irritated. I thought I was imagining this but Hubby voiced it today and we shared our observations. I tend to cut people a LOT of slack and give the benefit of the doubt many times, and he is very much the opposite--one slight comment that he doesn't like and you may be tagged "a bad seed" (his words). Maybe it's not about Sam but her own issues, but I think Sam is picking up on it. It's quite heartbreaking to hear "my teachers don't like me" from a 4 year old. He still misses his old school and his former teacher. Part of this, I am sure, is that he was King of the Castle under his former teacher and really was allowed some special treatment. It's always difficult to give that up! But I think he feels he will be disloyal to Miss C if he likes his new teachers too much. It's also hard not being in the classroom to actually observe everything. The old school was a cooperative and parents could be there every day, all day if so desired.
Sam started an OT eval to rule out sensory integration disorder, and the OT (who he instantly adored) feels that while there may be some mild sensory issues, the central problem may be that he is very bright, and thus developmentally off track from the other kids---extremely advanced in some areas (like his superhuman powers of concentration) and behind in others. He's also got the classic emotional issues of gifted kids--perfectionism, extremely sensitive, empathic, anxious, dramatic. Oh, who knew that preschool could be so complicated????


At 7:16 PM, Blogger jackie said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your asthma troubles and also your preschool worries-- I had no idea you all were dealing with this! PLEASE let me know if there' anything I can do to help!


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