Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cabins and trains and bears, oh my

Last weekend we traveled to Western Maryland to stay in a rented cabin in Deep Creek with Julie & Casey & Own & Claire. We had a grand time. The place we rented was AWESOME. I want to live there. It was a contemporary style cabin with a loft--gorgeous. I LOVE contemporary architecture, and if I ever win the lottery you bet I will buy me a big Pargo-style wood-n-glass house.

The ride was loooong. Of course, as we were traveling at night and in a rural area, I did not drive, else this blog might be coming to you from my place inside a psychiatric ward. (Rural nighttime driving? Can you say creepy? Give me a good old drug corner any day!) My plan had been to leave the office at 2:30 & be on the road by 3:30. However, I didn't leave the office until 3:30--and when I arrived home, not only was nothing packed, but Hubby hadn't showered and Sam was still in pajamas! (Reason #655 why a SAHD is not the same as a SAHM.) This gave us the opportunity to enjoy rush hour, however.

When we got to the cabin and stopped the car, Sam immediately said "Why are we stopping here???" Once we told him this is where we would stay, he started to make upset-scared noises (the usual when he stays anywhere away from home)...but once we got inside and he saw the cabin....."I like this place! I want to live here!" was the new refrain. When we packed up on Sunday, he said he never wanted to leave.

Saturday we had a lazy morning (well, except for Julie, who made eggs & bacon for everyone), then took a long walk in the woods. Then we went out for lunch to a cute Mexican place, where the kids got glow necklaces and Sam kissed a bear statue. The late afternoon was nap time for the girls while the boys went fishing. We grilled steaks for dinner and got the kids in bed. I stayed up late reading (a book about a foster parent, which had many disturbing and depressing stories of abused children...I know how to relax, huh?)

Sunday we headed to Cumberland to see Thomas the Tank Engine on his world tour. Sam had a blast playing with trains and salivating over Thomas merchandise (and ended his day with an Oil Depot, a book, a canteen, and a 6-pack of tattoos---yea, I'm a sucker). Before heading back to Home Sweet Home, we took a ride on Thomas.

The unfortunate thing about our lovely trip was that I had a pretty wretched cold the whole weekend, which then blossomed even more once at home, grounding me home from work for 2 days. You know you're stressed and overwhelmed at work when you panic because you're sick & missing a day (OR TWO! AAACK!) is a scary possibility. Could I be more swamped? I've spent the rest of the week digging out.


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