Sunday, September 10, 2006

A better weekend

I had a good weekend this time!

Saturday my friend Eve was in town from San Francisco & I had a little lunch party for her with some mutual friends. So great to see her. I forget exactly how much I miss her until I see her. She is one of those friends you can go a year without seeing and then it's like you saw her last week. Evie, I miss our movie dates and sharing secrets and eating whole bags of Pirate's Booty during the Oscars and shopping with Wa...

Today was my company picnic, our 2nd annual one. Having the picnic in the first place was the idea of little old me. Had lots of fun. Sam and I played hopscotch and soccer, I got to meet Kimberly's celebrity dog finally, and I learned many of my coworkers have ultra cute children.

The bad thing at the picnic--and this goes under Worst Luck Ever--Hubby, while drinking a soda, accidentally swallowed a bee....that was still alive...and stung him INSIDE his throat. Thank God he isn't allergic. he was in some mega pain though but soldiered on through the picnic anyway.

And thanks to all my friends for their support after my last post. To anonymous, who said all kinds of nasty things about Hubby: You don't know the whole story! Hubby stays home with Sam because that was OUR decision; we knew we didn't want him with anyone but us, and it is easier to live on a social work salary than an archival/library person salary (and you would think nobody makes less than a social worker, but yes, library work pays worse). Plus he wasn't all that jazzed about his work, and his grant funding was running out anyway on his current job...and I LOVE my career, my job, and my workplace. It would be very painful to give up. So it made sense for him to stay home. As much as I bitch about him, most of our problems really stem from the fact that he feels awful a lot of the time, as he has a chronic autoimmune disorder. So lighten up, especially if you're not going to identify yourself!

Sam's first day of his new preschool is tomorrow. He is very excited!! Afterwards we are going to Build a Bear Workshop, as Sam has been itching to build a bear there all summer. He's already picked out the bear's clothes! Then a lunch at Red Robin. We are having a picnic supper with my friend Leah and her little ones.

Here's one for Jackie: Hubby actually told Sam not to run ON THE PLAYGROUND! I kid you not.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger jackie said...

glad you had a good weekend! wow, our after-preschool activities involved Miss Spider for the girls and soothing music and forbidden snacks for me-- you all are way ambitious!

re: the (no) running on the playground, color me unsurprised :). Hi Eric! I ran on the sidewalk the other day myself! and I let my girls run too! the horror!


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