Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Growing Up

Sam is currently sleeping in his own room for the 2nd night in a row. THIS IS A BRAND NEW THING! He came into our bed at about 3 a.m. last night, which was excellent for me since I don't really sleep well without him there. I love having him in bed with us, but I do enjoy having my own bed in my waking hours. I got to read in bed last night! Wow!!

He also seems to be winding down from nursing. He doesn't nurse every single night anymore, and since I've been on vacation he has stopped most morning nursing. We'll see what happens when I go back to work.

At the pool tonight, Sam was trying to play with some older kids (boys about 7 or 8 maybe?), and they were pretty much ignoring him. But the "leader," who had that cool kid/snobby bully vibe, said in this mean and condescending voice "You can't play with us!" with a an evil scowl. Sam immediately burst into tears and turned to me and screamed "They hate me!!" I had to pick him up out of the pool he was so upset. I watched Mean Kid all night and it took over an hour before I had any clue who his parent was. I so wanted to say something to her but decided that really would be more for me than for Sam. When I told Hubby about it when we got home, he gave me shit for not bitching at the kid. But I was a little busy focusing on SAM and frankly, it's not my fucking job to be Mean Kid's parent. His parents should have been close enough to observe a problem and intervene themselves.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger cole edwards said...

I don't know...the world pretty much sucks and life is not fair, so it is good to have family and friends that DO love you.

I think I would have focused on Sam too, trying to comfort him and pay attention to him reminding him of all of his friends.

Sometimes the world is hurtful. All that stuff we teach little kids about sharing and being kind, it just really isn't the way it works for the most part.

Jasper is really friendly too and always wants to play with the big kids, but we warn him that they are big and probably don't want to play wth a little kid...just like he wouldn't want to play with a tiny baby. But to remember it when they are big kids and try to remember how it feels to be little?

It is hard to watch your kid get rejected and feel so hurt. It makes the mama heart ache.


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