Friday, August 04, 2006

Busiest day ever!

Sam and I are recovering from our Super Busy Day yesterday, in which we:

1. Got up early and were out the house at 8 a.m. I don't even do that for work!!
2. Picked up my mom in Catonsville & drove her to Greenspring Station for her colonoscopy & endoscopy. (fun!)
3. Went to Bob Evans for a lovely breakfast. Sam had ...drumroll....pancakes! (He asks for pancakes nearly every day, I think a consequence of me having lived off chocolate chip pancakes for the first few weeks of his life---seriously, the only foods I ate for weeks were pancakes, ice cream, Special K, milk, and apple juice. And some lasagna that Christine made me.) We made a trek to the Women's Room, where Sam became disturbed by the lack of urinals. (He evidently used one for the first time last week to his great delight.)
4. Went to consignment shop #1, where I finally found a raincoat for Sam, plus some winter feety pjs (that he wanted to wear tonight--in 100 degree weather!!). I gave Sam $2 to spend. After much hand-wrenching, he chose some roller skates on sale for $1.25--what a bargain hunter!
5. Back to get Mom, who was not at all sick or sleepy, just hungry.
6. To Giant for Mom to drop off a prescription and buy some pastry.
7. Swung by my old house in Kensington, where I lived with Joe. Whoever lives there now has decorated the yard to within an inch of its life. "Busy" is the word of the day.
8. Took Mom home & hung out for a while. Sam came away from this trip to Grammy's with: a new beach towel, 2 bathings suits, 3 outfits, 1/2 case of ginger ale, 1/2 bag of tortilla chips & a Rice Krispie treat.
9. Consignment shop #2, where we bought nothing. There were a few books I would have considered, but they were wickedly the Curious George book that retails for $6--but was priced used at $7!!!
10. CVS to hunt for goggles for Sam, which we actually found (they are very cute, decorated with starfish and crabs), as well as more sunscreen and a bag of Ring Pops, which were purchased with Sam's remaining 75 cents, which were selected after EXTENSIVE deliberation. I was rooting for the Franklin stickers, which were really cute, but Ring Pops won.
11. To my BFF Melissa's house. Sam had a blast playing with Luke and Ethan. At one point, Luke pulled out a little dimestore handheld video-type game, and Sam was instantly glued to his side. (I will have to get him a Gameboy for Christmas; he will seriously LOSE IT. He is soooo into these types of games. I will probably live to regret it however.) Luke got it when directed to pick a prize from the "treasure box" in his kindergarten after being good for a whole week. However, he revealed to me that he didn't like anything in the treasure box, so he snuck into the "confiscated items" drawer and spirited it away from there...I don't think he has shared this with Melissa yet.
12. McDonald's for a Happy Meal--I know, terrible. He had a choice between a Hummer toy and Polly Pocket, and my boy emphatically selected Polly. It is a cool toy--Polly, a spare evening gown, and a car/changing room thingy. I put the stickers on for him last night.
13. Final stop: the pool for the last 45 minutes it was open. Sam spent the bulk of his time floating on his Dora the Explorer floaty in the deep end, feet propped on a kickboard, and watching the divers and judging who would be on "his team" and who on "the worst team."
14. Back home and quickly to bed.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Debbi said...

We had a game boy for a long time, and it was totally worth it for its discipline value (as in, "if you do that one more time, no more game boy for a day/week/month/childhood, etc"). It finally expired after being too-well loved by our 3 eldest for years. Go for it!


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