Sunday, July 02, 2006

Identity for sale

Hubby's first reaction to the news that I had finally started a blog: his concerns that I would inappropriately post about him (which of course I will). But his reason: someone might steal his identity. Now, I'm certainly not going to post his SSN or DOB or credit score or anything. So I suppose he thinks there is someone out there, just waiting for a description of our lives so that they can steal his REAL identity.

So I will save those many, many persons the trouble of trolling by giving you some specifics:

You are a middle aged man living in the city, even though you hate the city. But you can never identify where exactly you prefer to live, other than Alaska, which you have never visited.
You are a stay at home dad. Your 4 year old son is very amusing and extremely sentimental and emotional.
You like to sleep a lot.
You like to work out, buy supplements for work outs, research working out, talk about working out (and spend hours on line doing so). If allowed, you will talk off your wife's ear about it as well.
You grossly underappreciate your wife. :)
Your cats are "on your back all day."

More specifics can be purchased for the complete assumption of Hubby's identifty for a low, low price. But remember, the copy is always inferior to the original.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger jackie said...

"You grossly underappreciate your wife. :)"

Hey, that sounds like my hubby!

This entry was very funny-- you don't even use his real name! So silly!

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Alaska? What the HELL is he thinking?

My husband, who thinks that I should be posting to the family website instead of to my personal blog, has accused me of blogadultery.


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