Sunday, July 30, 2006

Little bit o'this, little bit o'that

Thus far having the most of laziest poor child has been watching commercialed Nick TV for the past hour or so, because his parents keep on sleeping (and now blogging)....I did get up early, make blueberry pancakes and help him get on the computer to play Sponge Bob games...but then I ran out of steam and---on the pretext of "waking up Daddy"--- went right back to sleep. I was supposed to visit some of my dad's relatives today but I don't see that happening...that would require WAY too much energy to withstand the accompanying anxiety.

As soon as I can get myself showered and dressed, I promised Sam I would take him to Target to buy goggles and a new noodle for the pool because SOME KID STOLE HIS NOODLE YESTERDAY AT THE POOL. There were a slew of people at my pool yesterday from some family reunion or something who I guess rented out the room attached to the pool...I've never been witness to this occuring before so I don't know how it works. But apparently they were given access to the pool, which meant it was crowded, and with people not knowing the culture of the pool, wherein you can use stuff left around by others but NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU! I saw some girls (about age 10?) leaving with noodles, and I thought one was Sam's...and upon searching the pool concluded it was indeed his precious orange noodle. The thing cost $1 so it's not a financial hardship, but Sam was DEVASTATED and cried for about an hour, despite my assurances that I would indeed get him a new one. He is a sentimental boy, so it was as if a dear relative had been kidnapped. There is the outside chance that said thief will have been forced to return said noodle by thief's parents, but somehow I doubt it.

I am officially on vacation---after staying at work on Friday until 9 p.m.!! At 730, I was still talking to patients on the phone, specifically the father of a young man stuck in the ER for over 24 hours while in a psychiatric crisis. I hope the poor kid finally got a bed...then I had 4 staff intakes for review, an intake of my own to complete, shredding, scanning, complicated lists of current issues with my goes on and on.....

And the award for Most Annoyingly Catchy Songs That Stick in Your Head For Weeks from a TV Show goes to....Pinky Dinky Doo! from the Noggin network! Congratulations!

Several miracles occured yesterday after I ran into my friend Cole & her brood while en route to the farmer's market on Saturday morning. Sam wanted to join her son Jasper at the Little Park after we picked up out CSA share and our farm milk (Hubby is very weirded out that you have to shake the milk to de-lump it). But I had a hot date with Let's Dish so warned him, only 5 minutes! Of course that didn't work, especially when they had some kind of elaborate playhouse-moving game going on ....SO, she was very sweet to agree to watch Sam for a few minutes while I went back to our house (1/2 block away) and got Hubby to trade places with me. Why is this a miracle? Well, as I said, it's not just one but several!!

1. I actually left my child with someone not Hubby or my mother, and NOT in my house-- never happened before. Yes, he is 4 1/2 now.

2. Sam, while looking stressed about it, did not cry or flip out, mostly because his alternative to the situation was leaving the park.

3. Hubby actually got immediately out of bed when requested AND was not Evil No-Coffee Man. I did give him a $20 bill which I think confused him greatly.

Well I must return to my duties as Mommy--and btw, Sam informed me this morning that I was a "Bad Mommy" because I initially hesitated to make pancakes--partly because he DEMANDED them and partly because in order to wash the correct pan, I had to unload the dishwasher, then load it again with all the dirty dishes in the sink....which I DID DO, but only after Sam checked his bad attitude and asked me nicely. (I first told him to "say it politely" and he said "thank you," which while indeed polite was not applicable to the current to be more specific).


At 7:14 PM, Blogger jackie said...

excellent-- now maybe I can get you guys to leave Sam with me and my girls sometime, to repay you for all the child-watching you all did when I was doing physical therapy!

hope Let's Dish went well- someday I plan to get back on that, if my job ever starts paying me!

See you this week? I emailed you!

At 10:43 PM, Blogger cole edwards said...

gosh. glad you didn't tell me cause that is a lot of pressure. I guess I should have watched him very closely. I kinda just let them move that play thing around and throw balls at us. He really did not seem to notice or care. I don't think he spoke to me directly the whole time? but, gosh, thanks for the trust. good thing you don't know me too well yet!

yea vacation...yea, yea, yea.

Also, I get a similair response to "ask nicely please." From Alden I usually get a "PPPppplllleeease, now!" from her. served with a side of cheezy smile.

Sam and Jasper had a blast...I am looking forward to our "date" on friday.

Love, Cole

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