Friday, August 25, 2006

Man No Pants

I have decided Sam's Indian name is Man No Pants. The boy takes off his pants, and preferably the underwear too, at every opportunity. This morning, as I was rushing out the door to work, late again because I overslept AGAIN, Sam was chattering away, wearing a lizards pajama shirt guessed it, no pants!

So I tell him his new name is Man No Pants, and without skipping a beat, he says "Limbo's my middle name!" and starts to faux-limbo. Wha???

The other night in the kitchen he was dancing around in his undies, and pulling down first the front, then the back of the undies. I said "What's this pulling the pants down thing?" He struck a pose...think Vogueing....and said, with what can only be described as a FLOURISH, "It's the latest FASHION! Sometimes you show the butt (shows butt) and sometimes you show the PEE-nus! (shows penis)"

What can I say.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger cole edwards said...

We have Sams long lost triplets here...Brother Put Your Penis Back in Your Pants and Sister Wear Something on your Jina (long I sound).


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