Monday, September 18, 2006

Anatomy of a Fit

Sam had one of those inexplicable fits today. We went to the street fair in our neighborhood, and there was a free! moon bounce. He's never actually been in one before and was at first hesitant, but after watching other kids he gave it a go, and of course loved it. There was a basketball-type hoop inside and he had a grand time trying to make a basket, which he eventually did after a zillion patient tries.

That's the good part.

The fit part: another boy, slightly younger, wanted to play with the ball too. A reasonable request, unless you are 4 1/2. Sam lost it, insisting the ball was his, crying nonstop, and getting into multiple physical struggles with this other child over the ball. Fortunately this other kid was extremely good-natured and seemed to think this struggle was all part of the game, so at least there was only one screaming, crying, fit-throwing imp (mine). Eventually Sam had to be pulled out of the moon bounce by me, and the Dad in charge removed the balls from the moon bounce permanently. Sam later calmed down and had a second try, but spent the whole second time crying about the Ball That Was No Longer There. And had to be removed AGAIN.

I sometimes really worry about him with this kind of stuff. I know a certain level of it is normal, and I do know he is especially dramatic and sensitive, and prone to "scenes." Lately his drama has included statements such as "You think I'm a loser!" if we correct him or ask him to do something differently. I heard "I want to die!" (complete with moaning, tears, and throwing of self backwards on bed) in the midst of a Sorry game this weekend. He was a high-needs baby, and a high-needs toddler, and he's a high-needs preschooler. I'm pretty patient with it, I just he likely to have a mood disorder later? will he have trouble keeping friends? will he need a special school? As it is we have to regularly do breathing or counting exercises with him to help him calm down...he goes from zero to 10 in a split second. I always love when another mom will see her child slight Sam in some way, and will ask me if he's upset--to which I always smile and say--"Oh, believe me, you'd know!" About that there is definitely no mystery!!


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous kerry said...

And I can't help but think of Wa and of Eunice (Carol Burnett) ... "Saaaaaaaaawwwwww-REEEE!"

At 5:21 PM, Blogger cole edwards said...

I can soooo hear you on this. Jasper went through a pretty heavy duty tantrum thing at about 3ish. He got knocked on his can when his sister arrived and we were not so impressed with his drama cause we had other tiny fish to fry. I liked the talk like a Caveman approach. I forget the psych guy who says that kids are like little cavemen..but it worked for us. Learning those inner controls are soooo hard and socialization and letting kids work some stuff out themselves can help. Sam is such a great little full of fun and love.

We are really looking forward to Sunday...we wish you had come on, fun, fun. You will HAVE to come next month...a new regular thing.


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