Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tag, you're it

Debbi asks us to describe My Perfect Day, so here goes:

I awake with my men, but am gloriously allowed to go back to sleep while they trudge downstairs for breakfast. An hour or so later, Hubby brings me chocolate chip pancakes and Diet Coke....I eat and do crosswords in black felt-tip pen and read.

Late late morning I shower & dress and then we all go out. The weather is slightly warm but crisp. We hang out at a park while Sam plays, and then go out for lunch. Then we hang out at a bookstore for a while, and head back home. After a little bit of time doing nothing at all, some friends come over and we have some drinks and watch the kids play and play 80's Trivial Pursuit, then we all eat Thai food that was delivered (if only!) and hang out some more until the kids are sleepy. Friends go home, Sam goes to sleep in 2 minutes, and Hubby & I cuddle up and watch "Survivor" or "House" episodes we've not yet seen, on DVD so we don't even have to forward through commercials.

There are no fits or screaming or whining episodes from anyone. There is no cooking or schedule either, I notice!

Now for Jackie's meme: Your 10 Favorite TV Characters

1. Angela Chase, My So-Called Life: A perfect show about a regular girl in her regular life.

2. Ricky Vasquez, My So-Called Life: Sweet boy, coming out with pain and being a good friend and making his way in the world.

3. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Amazing leader, smart, and charmingly curmudgionish.

4. Det. Robert Goren, Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Mind Kung-fu!

5. Dr. House, House: So smart and sad, you just ache to save him. And perhaps do something else to him.

6. Diesel 10, Thomas the Tank Engine: It's good to be bad, and I love when he hits his own self in the head with his claw.

7. Det. Lennie Briscoe, Law & Order: You gotta love him.

8. Capt. Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H: Cause I know him so well.

9. Ben, Felicity: I so would have picked Ben every time, too.

10. Mary Richards, The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Modern woman for any time.


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