Thursday, February 15, 2007

Less than six degrees to Hugh

I realized this weekend with a start that I am a mere five degrees away from Hugh Laurie. Debbi, that means you are only six away!!

Degree #1: my colleague and friend Kerry

Degree #2: Kerry's husband Ron

Degree #3: Ron's son Stefan

Degree #4: Stefan's bandmate Dave

Degree #5: Dave guest stars on House featuring (drumroll)
***Hugh Laurie**


At 10:44 PM, Blogger Debbi said...

I'm actually really excited about this. I may be about 12 years old. Maybe he'll come to my birthday!

At 11:37 PM, Anonymous sharon said...

See I just went ahead and skipped degree #s 2 & 3 because Kerry has met/talked to Dave Matthews so that's good enough to eliminate the middle men ;)

This very same topic came up at lunch on Friday

At 9:45 AM, Anonymous kerry said...

Actually, standing between them for a photo, Ashley (or maybe Dave) grabbed my breast thinking it was the other one's hand. I think that qualifies me as a direct link, so move yourself on up that chain!


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