Monday, June 16, 2008

I saw that one!

trying to remember who all i've seen in concert...

diana ross, B52s, tracy chapman, hoodoo gurus, U2, lou reed, feelies, stray cats, tori amos, suzanne vega, richard thompson, elvis costello, the who, live, pj harvey, REM, james taylor, bonnie raitt, crosby stills & nash, peter gabriel, outkast, lauryn hill, mary chapin carpenter, emmylou harris, three dog night, america, johnny clegg, sinead o'coner, alanis morrisette, sonic youth, beastie boys, bruce springsteen, pink floyd, joan jett, indigo girls, nellie mckay, disappear fear, eric clapton, robert cray, prince

i'll think of more later


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Mr. Emily said...

I've seen many of these bands. But I really really really must see Lou Reed before it's too late.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger HHA said...

I met Lionel Richie when I was 7 along with all the Commodores.

My fav concert was, well, the couple, were Jackson Browne at Merriweather and Mellissa Etheridge when she opened for Little Feet..I did not stay for Little Feet.

OH and weezer. they were AWESOME in concert. Sonic Youth SUCKED. Faith No More was awesome, Angle Dust Tour. They sang their cover of...the Commodores hit, Easy 3 times in a row because the young 15-18 year old crowd did not know the words to sing along.

hmmm. Concerts. I should have gone to the Cliks when they were here. I regret that the most.
xx Cole
ps. Fix your blog so I can comment as someone other than a google/blogspot customer. thanks.


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