Sunday, May 11, 2008

for Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

I remember...
Driving in the Datsun B210GX, listening to Donna Summer, the Beach Boys or Pippin.
Strawberry cake every year on my birthday.
You coming to every one of my school events and being genuinely enthusiastic.
Taking my friends to the movies, to college open houses, or for Chinese food.
Our trip to Florida with Aunt Debby and Uncle Owen.
Jaunts to Ocean City for swimming in the ocean and breakfast at the Magic Skillet.
You trying to teach me stick shift, and laughing (and not being angry) when I hit the curb and blew a tire.
Coffee and Cream on Christmas Day!!! (my kittens)
Really feeling like you tried to understand me as a teenager, when it didn't make sense even to me.
You being there for us when Sam was born, and seeing how much he loves you and you love him.

Dear Mom-Mom,

I remember...
The great letters you sent me at camp, which made me feel like I was right at home.
Taking naps together when I was 3 and 4, and how you saved all the green lollipops for me.
Watching you make pies, and making little tarts from the leftover dough.
Hearing you talk to Prince and Pebbi (my dogs), and seeing them follow you everywhere.
All the things you sewed sick blanket, my dolls, clothes, a stuffed turkey, Sam's quilt.
Your chocolate icing, hamburger soup, potato cakes, fried chicken and blueberry fritters.
You sitting with me on my bed, soothing and comforting me when I felt sad and alone.
You teaching me needlework.
Making Thanksgiving stuffing together.
You always being there when I needed you.

And thank you to my lovely mama friends who show the way, set the example, and help get me through the rough patches and appreciate the good stuff...Julie, Hannah, Cathy, Cole, Kerry, Marcella, Shae, Jackie, Leah, Angie, Debbi, Katie, Kate, Heidi, Becky, Lucy, Donna, Laura, Carla, Phyllis, Sandy, Jen, Sharon, Sheri, Sandra...and most especially Melissa, the very best mom anyone could ask for or are my go-to girl always.

And to my baby---you are the very best part of my life.


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