Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why I Love Wa

Nobody is lukewarm about Warren. People love him, people hate him. A lot of people are terrified of him. He is mighty intense. I love when people say "I think Warren might be mad at me." Oh, no, honey, if you have to ask, he's not mad. If he is pissed at you, you will know. There's not a passive-agressive bone in his body.

He's got high standards, and if you have an ethical failing, watch out. He is loyal to a fault and expects the same. He doesn't take any shit. But he will listen when you say you're sorry, and if he says he is letting it go, he means it.

Even those who hate him respect him. It's really hard not to when he is so straight forward. You can trust him with your life and he will be there when you need him, provided you do not come bearing orange-dusted food or try to touch his neck (or other sensitive parts). He's not a hugger but he will give you one when you really need it.

He's wicked funny with a sick and twisted sense of humor. He will visit animal shelters with me for fun, which not many people will, though he gets us in trouble by going into rooms marked "keep out." He eats Berger cookies every day. He has the bladder of an eight-months-pregnant woman.

He's a unique, endearing, complicated, cynical, sensitive person. He is one of my closest friends and most favorite people.

Love you Wa. I'm saving a bag of Cheetoes just for you.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger mary said...

so well-written. you've completely captured wa in just a few paragraphs. i've always felt like i must have done something right with the karmic gods since he doesn't hate me ;o) miss you guys!

At 1:40 AM, Blogger mary said...

Gina. I love Wa!!! And I'm so glad I'm on his list of people that are hug-worthy, yay! - Ms. Ern visiting Murray Sherlock in the lovely Rockville area.....


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