Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dreams and recovery

I thought Sam was doing ok with losing Ike, and then Thursday night, about an hour after I went to bed, he awoke sobbing. He had a dream about Iky. Amidst sobs and screams, he howled "I miss Iky! He was my first pet! He was my best friend! I want more time!" Nothing I could do would soothe him. Finally, after over an hour, we all sat on the living room sofa and watched Thomas episodes.
Miranda keeps looking in every corner of the house for Ike. She is glued to our sides and the other night pretty much chased me into bed.

I just feel hollowed out, and feel a need to be surrounded by cats. I am thinking about volunteering at the SPCA soon. Everyone in my life has been just lovely to me: I got a card at work, many many emails, and one dear friend even made a donation to an arboreteum in Ike's name. So I feel blessed at the same time as I feel sad.


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