Monday, March 24, 2008

Starring the formerly MIA....

Yes, I still exist. I have not posted for ages because of 1) life and 2) I have felt like all kinds of crap intermittently over the past few months. For your sharing-in-misery pleasure:

Allergies...hopefully this explains my excessive sleepiness which hits in waves and has caused me to miss several days of work (one day the sleepiness was so out of control I took a pregnancy test--negative)...and the lovely allergic spottings of red welts around my eyes are back too. pretty.

Depression....featuring paranoia-level feelings that many of my friends are avoiding me, that scores of people are angry with me, that I am raising my child in a most incompetant way, etc etc.

IBS Attacks!!, not a kitschy film. Evil stomach-cramp episodes that come out of nowhere and render me a pathetic, feverish lump on the bathroom floor.

Good ol stress...a revolving door of staff...crazy financial strain...continuous coverage of multiple caseloads for like, over a year...

Winter...I must say I felt 3000% better when we had a warm Saturday with windows open.

I have been reading a lot, on average at least one book per week.
Today I have wretched cramps and have sneezed about 50 times in the last 24 hours.

That is all for now...
Will try to come up with something less melancholy and more interesting!


At 11:15 AM, Blogger cole edwards said...



Secondly,we missed you at Dead was not the same without you there!!!!

I am sorry to not have come to Sam's Bday,but we made Jasper stay home and he was sick and pissed to miss it and he chose me to stay home which seemed only fair because he had to miss such a rad party.

I am sorry you are not feeling well and call, connect with me baby.

Next time come to the girls night is fun and you need to get out!!

xxxx , again.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger jackie said...

I second Cole's DUDE. Things have been hellish over our way for awhile and I can't wait till spring. I also miss living in our old neighborhood and having you guys around the corner. We need to get together! And be depressed, paranoid incompetent parents who are overwhelmed by our jobs together!


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