Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ack! A stressful week, a stressful day.

Sam started school. It's been a huge relief because he LOVES it and has been doing well. What's so stressful then?? A whole new schedule...driving across the city to get him there by 8 a.m....I am SO not a morning person. Though in comparision to Hubby I suppose I AM Miss Sunshine!! The ride and the schedule are going fine, I just constantly feel like I'm in a hurry and missing something. Also, I am REALLY tired because I have been having trouble going to sleep before midnight even though I'm wicked tired. I think I have been having nightmares again which keeps me awake almost involuntarily. A plus though is that I easily get to work earlier.

This AM: home to Canton to drop off Sam, then to Severn to pick up my grandmother for her doctor's appt at my office...took 30 minutes longer because of some backup on 95 and then I got off on Russell St and then I missed the MLK exit, so I got to do a little tour of UM/Lexington Market/Ravenwood etc. Fortunately Hubs came to pick her up.

Work has been another stress. Specifically I have one employee who seems to have short-circuited while I was on vacation and I am trying to rein said employee in without causing further damage, and have other staff seething and I can feel the pressure. to. fix. it. now. Actually when I think about it, I had several other staff who had mini-breakdowns while I was out too, though theirs were more private and didn't piss off's nice to be needed, but again, the pressure!!!

Poor little Sammy took all his new school stress this week and put it in his teeth and colon. Specifically, grinding of the teeth at night--NOT a pretty sound---and dueling bouts of the D word and C word. Got an emergency call at work at 6 p.m. to COME HOME NOW, WITH GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES. My poor boy was all kinds of impacted, even had a fever, and relief was not granted until about 10 p.m. this evening. Then he was all smiles as he went back to bed.

Up tomorrow: a visit to the developmental pediatrician.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger jackie said...

Back-to-school is KICKing my ASS. Seriously. Luck to you and yours!


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