Friday, August 17, 2007


My BFF Melissa is pregnant!!! Very unexpectedly with #3, her others are 5 and 7. She and her husband are in shock but her kids are very excited, especially Ethan, who LOVES babies and has been pleading for a baby for about two years.

When I said to Sam, "Guess who's having a baby?" his face lit up...but when I said "Auntie Melissa!" it fell a bit, and he said he had hoped it was ME having a baby. I must admit I did have a jealous twinge when I heard the baby news. This prompted general discussion of the topic with Hubby who adamantly opposes any more babies (or dogs or cats) in the household.

We went to Sesame Place this week for an overnight stay. Sam had a fabulous time playing in the water park, and we took a long intertube river ride that involved getting drenched under multiple waterfalls! Unfortunately our second day was rained out. Sam cried a bit when he heard the news but recovered nicely, and we will go back sometime in September to use our remaining tickets.

Had two lovely breakfasts this past week, one with the talkative and very very hot (*see her blog for a complicated explanation of why she is hot*) Cole and another with Christine and Ansu. Ansu is about to move to Ft. Defiance, AZ to work as a Family Nurse Practictioner on a Navajo reservation, so may not get to see her again for a while. Chris and I were planning to go swimming, but that had to be deferred due to a largely sleepness night for the family the prior night. Jackie and the girls joined Sam & me at the pool on another day for lots of fun in the sun.

Can't believe my vacation is almost over....sad. But I have gotten emails from 2 colleagues saying they miss me...and for one that is wholly uncharacteristic and very sweet! Made my day.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger cole edwards said...

You are a dork.

I am squaty and short. you are high and I think someone should report you or something.

I admit to the talkative thing.

sorryy. I try to not be. I can't help it. My words are lava that spew forth and sometimes I can not control it. I have good intentions. Really.



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