Sunday, July 08, 2007

Out of control!!

Today we had a lovely outdoor dinner with our friends Jackie & Raf and their two little girls, who are friends of Sam from his first school...lovely except Sam was REALLY grouchy and had several outbursts, including one where he
*got mad at Sophie because she was sitting on "his" seat on HER swingset
*when she didn't respond to his command to relocate, dumped a cold cup of water on her head
*when asked by me how I could help him calm down, requested that I "kill Daddy," who was apparently not sensitive enough to Sam's swingset needs
*refused to apologize for about an hour.

Then they all made up and played some more. For some reason as we were leaving, he called Lucy an "idiot" for no evident reason. Nice.

He then proceeded to scream all the way home because we said no to his request to watch TV when we got home. Then at home he screamed some more, before falling asleep halfway through his second bedtime story.

Saturday at the pool he punched a boy (older than Sam by a year or two thank goodness) on the arm, then was devastated when the boy punched him back. That's what happens when you hit someone!

He has been quite a handful this past week...maybe a growth spurt? Hopefully it settles soon!!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Patterson said...

There sure is a lot going on...I hope it settles down for you!

Stay cool...see ya at the pool???



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