Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heart broken

I arranged my Christmas around you. We spent the night at my mom's, I took you to see your friend Leslie in the morning, then to my family's traditional breakfast. I couldn't take you to my dad's family event due to the racism, so I drove the opposite direction to your sister's house so you could see your nieces and nephews. Then later I picked you up again for our dinner at Hannah's. We spent a romantic night together, reading each other Nikki Giovanni poems before turning out the lights. A busy day, and a sweet one because I was with you.

A week or so later, we are hanging out at Aaron's and you are on the phone with her. She asks you how your Christmas was. Not even noticing I am in the room, you say "it was alright, but it would have been better if I was with you."


At 8:24 AM, Anonymous blahblahblah said...

did we date the same asshole? possibly. OR perhaps they manufacture them somewhere out of vinegar, left over alarm clock parts and slime.

I feel that crush, that crash of everything that you thought isn't as true as you imagined. Been there.

This was short and really well written G.
ps. I think you always look pretty.
pps. thanks for fixing your comments thingy.x


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